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CAT Tool Holders

CAT Tool Holders

CAT Tool Holders: Lower Life Cycle Cost, Less Down Time

Every CAT tool holder Briney makes is manufactured in the USA from Certified material and production quality is ensured through ISO 9001:2008 policies. Our Tru Velocity™ tools can run up to 20,000 RPM without putting undue stress on machine spindles and our Maximum Velocity™ tooling is balanced to 2.5 G or better at 30,000 RPM. Exceptional balance and 50% deeper case depths than our competition mean you get 100% more life out of your tool holders.

Briney Tru Position Tool Holding

Briney Tru Position tool holding is a special eccentric grinding technique that reduces run-out in all Briney end mill holders to .0002” total indicator reading with tool in holder. Typically end mill holders run from .0008” to 0013” total indicator with tool in holder.

Advantages of Tru Position Tooling:

  • 2x Longer Tool Life compared to any other end mill holder, plus half the tooling replacement expenses
  • 4x Less Run Out for more even chip load and less chatter
  • Fewer Passes to mill slots die to improved on-center rotation, saving time and improving machining quality
  • Priced Competitive with the holders you are using now
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