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Dual Contact Tool Holders

Close the gap on your competition with Briney’s Dual Contact solution. Achieve the lowest possible TIR and spindle wear, along with increased rigidity and cutting tool life!

Keep it Cool!

You want options? We have options! Select from Coolant Shower, Surround Coolant, or Coolant Thru the Flange, with the ability to add the features you want to the tooling you use.

Tru-Position™ Tool Holding

Achieve 75% reduction in bore runout when you select Briney’s exclusive Tru-Position™ design! Reduce chatter and tool wear as you step up to tool holders with double the life of alternatives.

Custom Tool Holders

We’re the “Specials” Specialists! Turn to Briney for build-to-print or custom designed solution. We also have the fastest turnaround time in the industry for custom tool holding products!

Balanced Collet Chucks

Briney BR/ER toolholders are balanced up to G2.5 and 20,000 RPM, concentric .0002” shank-to-bore. In addition, BR/ER tool holders are CNC precision traverse ground to AT3 taper quality.

Product Flyer

Briney’s entire line of CNC tool holders and accessories are made right here in the USA from certified materials engineered to the highest quality standards and balanced to speeds up to 30,000 RPM.


Critical for high-speed or high-precision cutting applications, the Shrinker shrink fit tool holders have tremendous holding strength, balance, and tool life.

Thermax II

The Briney Thermax II induction unit comes complete with all the capability you need to put the competitive advantage of shrink fit tool holders to work in your shop today.

Zero Chuck

The Briney Zero Chuck only has .750 of gauge length to help machine parts or fixtures that are too close to the machine spindle head for stub or standard gauge length collet chucks.

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