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Collet Chucks and Extensions

A collet chuck is a superior choice to a three-jaw chuck in terms of consistency, repeatability, higher speeds, and longer tool life. Briney BR/ER collet chucks are balanced to 2.5 G at 20,000 RPM, concentric .0002” shank-to-bore.

Briney Zero Chuck

The Briney Zero Chuck only has .750 of gauge length to help machine parts or fixtures that are too close to the machine spindle head for stub or standard gauge length collet chucks. What makes this chuck so different is the collet sits into the holder, past the flange area, and into the taper shank. The collet is held in place with a Zero Collet Nut that has an external thread on it to seat into the flange. The only projection from the gauge line is the length of the flange (.750) and the tool being used for machining.



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